About Us

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President and owner Earl Moesch started out in the construction business in 1988 as an interior trim carpenter working on luxury custom homes around the Naperville area. It was not long before Earl owned his own trim carpentry business where he personally trained novice carpenters into skilled craftsman. Personal pride, long hours and a will to succeed lead to outstanding results and thrilled customers.

Working for other builders opened Earl's eyes to the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream of stepping above and being at the top of his game in the construction business. It was at that time that Earl knew he could build better quality homes, and by streamlining his operations builds them at much better prices, so in 1994 he started Checkmate Custom Homes.

With his great eye for detail in every stage of construction, it did not take long to build an outstanding reputation for Checkmate Builders. Earl is an early riser by nature and personally supervises every aspect of the building process. You will not find that with most builders. Quality, service and attention to detail placed Checkmate Builders at the head of the class amongst the competition.